I have received a First and Final Warning =(

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I have received a First and Final Warning =(

Post by missBonna95 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:32 pm

Hi Lorina

I need some advice on this so if you could please give me your input that would be great.

Last week there was an incident at work where a child was forgotten in the bathroom.

At my centre we use Ipads to sign children in and out. On this particular day it was a busy day. Normally I don't sign children out without seeing them leave myself.
But on this day it was so busy and I relied on another educators word where she said she seen the child leave so I signed her out. (I wish I never did this).
Long story short she didn't even know who she was and then when she family grouped at the end of the day she forgot her in the bathroom. I fully trusted the educator and she let me down.

I am obviously devasted as this could have ended up badly! Lucky certified supervisor does checks end of day of the building and found the child.

I had lots of meetings and explained the situation. I have been given a first and final warning, I have never ever received a warning before so this has literally killed my confidence and I don't know whether I can come back from this experience.

I am so devasted because I truly love my job.
šŸ˜” but having this on my file hurts so badly.
I am now so scared and second guess myself and I feel so paranoid all the time.

HR said that it was hard to make a decision because my performance was perfect prior to the incident hence why they didn't let me go.

How long do first and final warnings last?
Should I just resign? I am so scared of now making a mistake. I never make mistakes at work so this has made me so sad.
I am literally a perfectionist I now feel so out of control. I never cry over jobs but this time I did. I am so passionate about the company and working with children.
I just don't know if I can ever go back to my happyself at this work place. šŸ˜¢

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Re: I have received a First and Final Warning =(

Post by Lorina » Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:00 pm

It was a complete misunderstanding between you and the other Educator. The other Educator shouldn't have told you that the child left when they didn't know for a fact and you shouldn't have signed the child out. Anyway, I think you more than realise your mistake and that you are sorry for what happened.

Mistakes are going to be made by all, we are only human. Over the next couple of weeks, you are going to second guess yourself and you are going to be more cautious but it wasn't something that you did on purpose it was a bad call for trusting another Educator. As you said, you had such a good record before this happened.

It's going to be ok! You're going to be OK! Don't resign or run away it happened and now you move on. Don't dwell on it...

You'll be Ok!


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