Fmaily Day Care pays during Covid-19

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linsaa fdc
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Fmaily Day Care pays during Covid-19

Post by linsaa fdc » Sun May 03, 2020 2:44 pm


How is everyone coping during this time?

Our pays in FDC have been cut dramatically even though a lot of us are doing the exact same amount of work. Some are getting no pay at all and still working.
We can't do extra hours for families because there isn't any money left out of the BCP to do it, we can't do extra days for families, we can't take on extra families even though they have been lead to believe that we can, unless we do it all for nothing....literally.
The Additional Child Care Subsidy has stopped so now children at risk are either being cared for by caring educators for nothing or they are being left at home where they are at risk even more so now.
We aren't big companies, we are paying out of our own savings, pockets or mortgages to work.

How has this affected everyone else in the industry?

Your thoughts !!!

linsaa fdc :(

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Re: Fmaily Day Care pays during Covid-19

Post by Marissasam » Fri May 15, 2020 3:37 pm

I now live off the money for math lessons on Skype for the early development of children. I'm very afraid to think that if the lockdown doesn't end soon, then I will be without work. I tried to find work on the Internet, but in my opinion every offer that I find is scam.

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