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Professional Development Manual

Post by christmascrazy » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:55 am

Hello, could you please let me know if i am on the right track with these answers .
I need to submit 5 pieces of evidence to demonstrate how each principle of learning framework is reflected in the service.

1 - secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships -
A - We provide a comfortable, clean and happy environment with areas to cater for the children’s needs and interests. We never force a child to do anything that they don’t want to do and if they have any concerns we encourage them to come and speak to us. One on one time is encouraged so all educators can see what stage a child is up to e.g. holding scissors, pincher grip etc. We encourage the children when we are programming and also branch out to families through emails and face to face conversations to see if there is something their child maybe showing interest in that we can expand on at preschool.

2- Partnerships -
A- At the preschool we greet all families at the gate as due to Covid 19 families are not able to enter the preschool grounds. We greet the children and while we are taking their temperatures we engage in conversation on how there morning has been and what we have planned today at preschool. Parents sign their children in and we have to disinfect pens and everyone has to sanitise their hands. We chat to the parents about what we have planned for the day and if they have any concerns or questions regarding the preschool or anything new we need to know about their child, we say our goodbyes and that we look forward to seeing them in the afternoon. Pick up follows the similar procedure however we are able to talk to the parents about their child’s days and later in the afternoon I share photos with the family that I have collected during the day.
Our learning experiences are always set up after speaking to the children the day before and also by observing them and expanding on activities they are finding interesting.

4- Respect for Diversity -
A - We have the following ( photo attached) small set up this week where children have had the opportunity to paint boomerangs and we talked about the different flags and there meaning, we also have cards available that have been painted by Aboriginal children with symbols and there meaning, we have been incorporating these into activities every week. At this present stage at the preschool we don’t have any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander families.

5 - Ongoing learning and reflective practices -
A - The preschool will pay for 2 ongoing learning courses look up my manual see what is there. We have allocated time during the day to research activities to enhance the children’s learning. We also speak and email families for ongoing suggestions to help with our programming.

Are these okay? thanks so much

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Re: Professional Development Manual

Post by Lorina » Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:53 pm

Yes these responses are fine!

In regards to respect for diversity do you only do it for ATSI people? Do you have information available in different languages, learn different language songs at group time? Celebrate cultural days that are important to families etc.


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