Curriculum planning and Development queries

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Curriculum planning and Development queries

Post by spd » Mon Jun 14, 2021 9:50 am

Hi all,

I have been doing my diploma and towards the end of finishing it. I have another 60 hours to complete my placement and then done with my dipoma.
I am stuck with curriculum development assigment.
Appreciate if someone could guide me .

1. what do you means by strengths of the kinder curriculum means?
2. what it means by writing the goals for the curriculum in the kinder room?
3. what are the different ways to set up environment of the kinder room to enhance opportunities for children’s learning?

also to set up 4 learning experience for the children in the kinder room, can someone give me ideas to set up experience for children
1. who are interested to do creative art experience
2 . learning experience to set up learning experience for obstacle course or fine and gross motor skills
3. learning experience to extend child's learning in construction activites.

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