chcece009 relevance to studies

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chcece009 relevance to studies

Post by Noran » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:21 pm

hello lorina,

l have an assessment called the framework navigation worksheet and I've completed but not to sure if i'm on the right track. l have to access the website below and how they are relevant to my studies. l am studying diploma in early childhood.

being belonging and becoming website:
it allows me to understand the early years framework to plan and implement in childhood settings, Play sessions and work placement. it also helps me understand how to communicate with children and families.

my time my place:
it helps me enhance school aged children's experiences through planned leisure activities, which will help with their development. also my time my place will guide me when interacting with children on how to further their development through play.

united nations conventions on the rights of the child:
helps me to implement child's rights in early childhood. it tells me that each child tat i come across in childcare regardless of their race, religion, culture etc has a right to be respected and protected.

the benchmark of education and care services that l need to be set when i work in a childcare center.

In the workplace there are many hazards and how to maintain a safe work environment for children, families and educators. while doing my studies l can access the website and check how to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

if a child is facing any difficulties to learn, then educators to collaborate with that child's parents and in childcare services children are coming from different cultures so educators must collaborate with families and community services.

child story:
it will help with my studies if l need to access the mandatory reporting guide if l have concerns and what next steps to take from the 'tree'.

it shows myself and other educators the outcomes about the importance of improving children's education through the nqf

eca code of ethics:
it tells us the values embedded into the code including respect, honesty, integrity, justice, courage, social and cultural responsiveness and education. becoming an educator it will challenge us as professionals to take action in the face of practices that undermine the well being of children and their families.

is it right?

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