Anecdotal observation

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Anecdotal observation

Post by Sabila » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:06 am

Hey there, I’m struggling to write interpretations, I’m just wondering if I’m on the right track
The scenario is -
The educator gave Lucas a box to create his cardboard car. When told to go outside, he asked Isabella if she was going to paint her car. Lucas watched as the educator grabbed the red paint and the paint brush for Isabella. He said “I can help her she said”, the educator then grabs another paint brush for Lucas. Lucas touches the brush with his right hand and pushes it to Isabella’s right. He then points to the brush on his left and says “that’s yours”. Lucas held the brush with his right hand at the very end of the paint brush. He moves away from Isabella when she tells him to. He then comes closer and holds the top of Isabella’s box with his left hand and paints the top of the box using the brush in his right hand. He stops painting and says “ow” as he sees the paint on his left hand. He shakes his hand around, and then scrapes it on the side of the table and says, “I’m red, I’m red”. When the educator asks Lucas if the logo on the paper is his Porsche, he switches the brush to his left hand, while using his right hand to point at the Porsche and says “this”. He grabs the paint brush with both hands and paints the top of the box again. Lucas is then told to help the educator find the Toyota logo. He grabs the papers and sits down. He says “oh no” when the educator tells him that he got paint on his logo. He placed papers on his lap, and passed one of them to the educator. As Isabella shows the educator the paint on her hands, Lucas responds by saying “you can do hand paint”. The educator points at one of the papers and says “do you remember what’s this car?”, “Lexus” Lucas responds. Lucas looks at another paper and says “Aldi” before passing it to the educator. He sees the next paper and says “Ford”, as he separates the Ford logo paper from the rest of the papers, he drops one on the floor and tells “Toyota”. The educator passes the Toyota to Isabella and says “there’s 2 for you”, in which Lucas responds and says “no there’s 3”. The educator takes the papers from Lucas, and he says “there’s one more”. He stands up and holds the scissors in his right hand and says “I don’t want paint on mine”.

Including developmental skills, concepts, and dispositions and links to developmental theory
PHYSICAL: Through this observation, it is evident that Lucas has good fine motor skills. He was able to hold onto the paint brush, which indicates that his fine motor skills aren’t weak since it didn’t fall out of his hands. Towards the end of the video, Lucas is seen to be holding a pair of scissors in his right hand which further supports statement.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: in the video, Lucas is seen to be following directions. He waits for the educator and when told to go outside, he immediately goes. He positively interacts with Isabella by offering to lend her a hand in painting her car box.

COMMUNICATION: Lucas used a lot of pronouns in the video. He has said “I’m red, I’m red”, “I can help help her”, and “you can do hand paint”. He shows understanding of the English language by reading the car logos, and he was able to differentiate between the logos. Lucas responded promptly to the educator, and spoke in full sentences. He initiated conversation at the start the video by asking Isabella if she was going to paint her car. Lucas also conversed in full sentences with Isabella, saying “you can do hand paint” and “I don’t want paint on mine”.


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Re: Anecdotal observation

Post by Lorina » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:13 pm

I think it's good!

Good information... in regards to the interpretation you may also want to link it to the EYLF Outcomes:

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