how the service implements the Learning Framework Principle: High Expectations

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how the service implements the Learning Framework Principle: High Expectations

Post by Gamze » Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:22 pm

Can anyone please tell me or help me what i can write for this question and the answer. I am going to write my question and answers below but I need it as soon as possible. I am stuck on this question for a while now and dont know what else i can do: plus i will give you the feedback of the teacher as well.

Question: document how the service implements the Learning Framework Principle: High Expectations.

Feedback and Answer: Where it has the BRACKETS its the teachers feedback

When I started my work placement in the nursery two room and observing a child I have noticed that she loves to play with the baby doll and she also likes to play in the home corner. So I have extend the baby doll activity a bit more based more on sensory play.
We look at what the children like to do and not to do and extend the activities, for an example ( A child was playing with a baby doll and she was only giving a baby milk so to extend this specific activity for child I extend it to washing a baby in a tub.) adding another activity to the baby doll. This is the way to extend a activity that a child loves to play every day when coming to the centre.

( TEACHERS FEEDBACK: How do you extend – be specific here )

To extend an activity that the child likes to do is by adding materials into the activity. and encourage the children to participate in an activity, by showing the activity to the children, and seeing all children loves to participate in the activities that the educator puts it out there, and seeing all different children’s skills and experience, and seeing if the children goes back to the activities that the educators provide to them.

(TEACHERS FEEDBACK:his is simply following their lead rather than showing high expectations)

In the nursery room the educators implement different ways for children to engage in challenging activities to encourage further learning, for example when a child engages in pretend play educators join in and demonstrate different roles for the children to gain ideas and extend imagination. Educators also implement different themed pretend play area by adding costumes and other props to challenge children’s minds and broaden imagination.

(Teachers feedback : how do they promote inclusion? How do they encourage participation from the children – what strategies do they use? How do the educators set the children up to succeed – how do they make sure the experiences allow a sense of success?)

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