Develop and implement policy

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Develop and implement policy

Post by kara. » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:07 pm

I am really struggling finding the answers to these questions, i have completed the whole booklet bar these questions! I am about to burst into flames with frustration.
For each of the polices below identify:
- who may be included in developing or reviewing the policy
-what key documents should be consulted
Child Protection Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Nutrition Policy
Staff code of conduct policy
Enrollment policy

Yep... I have nothing. Do i just write who i think would be involved? Or is there information somewhere out there that will guide me through this?!

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Re: Develop and implement policy

Post by Jazzie » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:32 pm

stakeholders- parents, staff, children etc.may be included in developing and reviewing a policy. I have no clue of other ones yet.

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