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Post by vawdon » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:27 pm

Zian Ma - Part I
Zian (2.7yrs) is an only child. He lives with his mother and father, both in their early 40’s, and an elderly aunt. Zian was born in Australia. His parents and aunt have been living in Australia for 10 years. Zian’s parents speak to him in Mandarin as well as English. His aunt speaks to him only in Mandarin.
Zain’s parents are busy professionals and work full time. Until quite recently he was cared for by the elderly aunt who is now unwell and unable to manage his care. Zian’s parents are seeking to enrol him at the service full time.
Health Issues
Zian has many health issues. He is allergic to many foods including dairy, eggs, shellfish and wheat products. Reaction to these foods is generally mild but on occasions has been so severe that he has had to be hospitalised. Zian is also asthmatic and uses a nebulizer morning and evening.
Zian has been slow to reach developmental milestones. He currently is under the care of a pediatrician. Zian is also being treated with traditional Chinese herbal medicines to build his immune system. These medicines are given to Zian four times each day.
On the three occasions when educator Mia met with his parents at the service, Zian did not make any attempt to interact with his parents. He was observed to sit passively on the floor playing with a toy. He made no attempt to explore his surroundings. He could follow directions given in English but was not observed to engage in any verbal interactions.

Question 19b
What additional information should educator Mia seek in relation to Zain’s health and development issues?
Question 19c
Mia asks the family for a report from the paediatrician and also requests Zian have his hearing tested by an audiologist. Suggest why Mia has asked for these assessment/reports?

Zian Ma - Part II
As part of the orientation process for Zian, Mia made time to chat informally with Mrs. Ma to learn more about his development. Mia discovered that:
Difficult pregnancy – Zian was born at 28 weeks.
Zian was a difficult and fussy feeder.
Zian was slow to reach all early milestones – head control, grasping and releasing objects, sitting, crawling, walking and babbling.
As a baby, after waking from a sleep, Zian did not cry or babble – he would simply lie in his cot until his mother came to get him.
Zian’s elderly aunt often left him propped up in his pram during awake periods.
When he began to crawl and later walk, Zian was describe as a ‘good baby because he didn’t get into mischief’ – he would sit and play passively with his toys.
Referral and Assessment
Mia realised that to support Zian, a formal assessment was needed. She sought permission from the Ma’s to refer Zian to the Blue Bay Early Intervention Centre for a formal assessment.

Question 20
Explain why it is essential to inform the family of the service’s privacy and confidentiality policy as part of the referral process. You should refer to regulation 181 when answering this question.

( i think it is wrong but this is my answer for question 20 ) it is essential to inform the family of the service’s privacy and confidentiality policy as part of the referral process as 181 Confidentiality of records kept by approved provider states that the
The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that information kept in a record under these Regulations is not divulged or communicated, directly or indirectly, to another person other than--
(a) to the extent necessary for the education and care or medical treatment of the child to whom the information relates; or
(b) a parent of the child to whom the information relates, except in the case of information kept in a staff record; or
(c) the Regulatory Authority or an authorised officer; or
(d) as expressly authorised, permitted or required to be given by or under any Act or law; or
(e) with the written consent of the person who provided the information.

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Post by vawdon » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:34 pm

have answered the questions no longer needing your assistance thankyou

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