Growth Mindset in Parenting

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Growth Mindset in Parenting

Post by star-little » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:51 pm

Research shows that parents can have a powerful impact on their child's mindsets. The language you use and the actions you take show your children what you expect. So as parent it seems smart to develop a growth mindset in your child. Teach your kids: "When you make a mistake it’s not an indication that you are doomed to be a failure; it’s an opportunity to grow."

Remember that relationship is connection not perfection. Monitor your self-talk. Pay attention to your own internal dialogue about abilities. When you or your child struggle to do something, do you tend to conclude that you can’t develop the needed ability, or that you haven’t developed it yet? Say positive words.

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Re: Growth Mindset in Parenting

Post by GeorgeThomas324 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:16 pm

With the prevailing situation of Covid-19 all across the globe, the educational sector has been severely affected as well as the studies of the students. In order to cope up with the situation it is quite important for the parents to have a sound knowledge on how to educate their children at home. Teaching children at home can be quite a hustle for many parents but it is quite difficult for the parents who have to cater to their children with special needs. I did some research on it and found these tips for children growth ... n-at-home/ In that scenario the first thing a parent can do is to be patient and understand that things can be harder to grasp for such children. In order to overcome that, the parents should talk to their teachers regarding the difficulties they are facing as such teachers are trained to teach special children and have the solutions to deal with it. Make sure to boost their confidence by encouraging them to do activities they have never done before, limit their study time and involve them in extra curricular activities as it releases stress. Talk to them and explain what the world is going through so they could understand the situation better as it can be quite difficult for such children to cope up with a rapid change in their regular routine.

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