Can we leave a trainee alone supervising the children ?

Questions on starting a Cert 3 or Diploma traineeship, duties during a traineeship, traineeship working conditions etc.
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Can we leave a trainee alone supervising the children ?

Post by AkiCCYJ » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:36 pm

Hi, I finished my Cert. 3 last December and I have been working in a childcare centre for almost 3 months now.

I found that we got quite a lot trainees in my centre. I always wondering that can we leave a trainee alone to supervising the children. Regarding the ratios, can trainee be 1:4 also like normal educator?

I saw your forum that you mentioned it to someone : As a trainee you should not be left alone supervising the children. You are basically still considered an "unqualified" educator until you receive your qualification and you should be supervised at all times.

You know, I found that Some trainees they work alone like look after some children outdoor by themselves without supervising. A trainee who is studying diploma but she doesn’t even have any qualifications like cert. 3. Her work photo title is “Assistant Educator”. Does it make any sense for you ? The centre makes parents get confusing that parents thought she is qualified but obviously she is not.

In our nursery room we have 20 children but we have 3 qualified educators and one trainee to look after 20 children. Can trainee be a normal educator to cover on the ratios?

Last Thursday, I was at work. I found that 3 trainees and one lead educator were in nursery room with around 15 children. Is that ok ?

Basically I can see some trainees are not really learning how to be an educator. They seem do their way as no one supervising them. This is absolutely a risk for the children.

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Re: Can we leave a trainee alone supervising the children ?

Post by Lorina » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:47 am

In regards to trainees being left alone, ACECQA has introduced "actively working towards a qualification" provision - this means that is the trainee meets the requirements they can be considered as a Cert 3 Educator/Diploma Educator for ratio purposes.

"Certificate III and diploma

You are considered actively working towards an approved certificate III level qualification if you can provide documentary evidence from the course provider to your approved provider that you are:

enrolled in the course and have started study
making satisfactory progress towards completing the course
meeting the requirements to maintain enrolment.
You are considered actively working towards an approved diploma level qualification if you can satisfy all of the above and one of the following:

hold an approved certificate III level qualification OR
have completed the approved certificate III units OR
have completed 30% of the units in an approved ECT qualification".

For a Diploma Qualification, they have introduced the Cert 3 units which previously they did not. So this means that if an Educator who is studying a Diploma has completed the Cert 3 units they are Cert 3 Qualified - which makes then an Assistant Educator. Could this be the reason why the Educator is referred to as an "Assistant Educator"?

As long as the trainees are meeting the requirements as set out by ACECQA I mentioned about then it's fine.

If you feel that that the trainees are putting the children at risk then you need to speak up and let the Director/Room Leader know your concerns.


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