I want to quit my traineeship

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I want to quit my traineeship

Post by imnew123 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:36 am

Hi all!

I am only on my 3rd week of my traineeship and I already feel like this isn't the job for me :(

I didn't realise and nobody told me how sick you get working in childcare and my immune system is already super bad due to gladnular fever. Am I speaking too soon? Because I feel like I have already made up my mind about terminating the traineeship as I do not cope well with illness or get "manflu" as some might call it :giggle: and I have already been sick 2 out of 3 weeks and the third week has only just started.

I guess I had a different idea in mind for childcare but got slapped with the reality of it.
Any and all advice would be hugely appreciated!

TIA! :)

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Re: I want to quit my traineeship

Post by Lorina » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:05 pm

I apologise for my delayed response... I recently had a baby so please bear with me as I adjust to balancing work and family.

How's it going? Are you still considering to quit your traineeship?

It is normal to get so sick when first starting out in this industry. Your immune system will build up over time and then you will get sick less often. Being amongst so many children will running noses, bad hygiene habits etc. it's natural for you to get sick.

Have you got the flu shot? Take plenty of vitamin c, make sure you wash your hands throughout the day... you could even have hand sanitizer on you and use it during the day.

It will get better over time.


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