The Odd Room Out

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The Odd Room Out

Post by carolann » Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:46 pm

I work in a mid sized centre (4 rooms approx 60 children). I took over as room leader in pre-Kinder this year. For a long time the pre-kinder in the service suffered from frequently changing staff and a lack of planing - so got a reputation for being a bit rowdy.
Ive managed to pull it together a bit - we have a loose routine that the children have really responded to (circle time twice a day, themed activities that the children help to plan, cooking classes etc) The energy in the room has really mellowed - and im getting lots of positive feedback.

I find myself feeling like the odd room out though. All the other rooms (Nursery, toddler and kinder) seem to chug along nicely, no dramas. I however am negotiating behaviour management plans, completing eABLES assessments, and writing a care deviation plan for a child with additional sensory needs. None of the other staff are doing this - because there are no children in their rooms that need any kind of additional support like this.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I looking for problems that arent there? Im bringing work home because I rarely get my weekly planning time - and if i do its just enough to do the weekly plan and my mandatory critical reflection.

Ive raised the planing time issue before ad it falls on deaf ears.

Do any other educators get that feeling about their room? Not so much that the grass is greener - but that you just have waaaaaaay to much grass!

Ryan John
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Re: The Odd Room Out

Post by Ryan John » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:58 pm

hey, by the sounds of it you have done an amazing job so far, in my center I have been a Cert 3 for 6 years in the same center and during this, i have gone through 5 directors and 7 room leaders over both toddler and preschool room, I found whenever I got a new room leader they changed so much at ones all the staff that is used to not caring and doing minimum work got upset and refused to do anything related to the program. until the center was bought out and the new owner is now our educational leader. she started changing everything slowly and we finly got all staff involved in programing. by useing a app that was just developed for Child cares it made things a whole lot easier.

i hope my point of view helps as i am writing this at 11.58 pm :)

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