Work life balance

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Work life balance

Post by Danone » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:13 am

I am thinking of a career change and go into childcare.
My previous jobs were in Administration/Reception and with two school age children has been very difficult to balance a full time job and children/family. It was not worth the money as my salary would go on before/after school care so I have been a SAHM for the last few months. Now I am looking into studying the diploma and do casual relief during school hours, 9-2.30.
- Are these working hours any realistic, as am I going to find either permanent part-time job or casual relief just to cover those hours or centres only offer full time jobs (6-7am to 5-6pm?)
- English is my second language but I believe, after working/studying in the UK and AU my grasp of English is ok'ish. However, how happy are the employers to offer jobs to non native speakers?
- What is the best time of the year to start the Diploma? I am looking to begin in the next few days (first half of Nov) with Christmas holidays coming very soon and also school holidays for all January. Is this realistic or should I wait until Feb when kids go back to school?
- Ideally I would like to do my work placement while my children are in school, do you have the option to select your hours during your work placement or it will be decided by the centre management? Do you have to have a minimum working hours/day?

Thank you

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Re: Work life balance

Post by Lorina » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:02 pm


In regards to doing casual/relief work with a diploma qualification, it may be difficult to find a job for those specific hours. Most services are open from 7am - 6:30pm and as a casual you will need to fill in any of those hours, depending on which shift your covering.

As for being a non - native speaker, it's absolutely fine. As long as you can talk English for children, educators and parents to understand then you'll be fine! Australia is very multicultural...

On starting your Diploma, I think some course providers will be on Christmas holidays over then summer break, however you can still enquire. If so, you can possibly start in January after new year.

For completing work placement while children are at school, it's possible but it will take you longer because you have a set number of hours to complete. So, if you can only complete 5 hrs per day compared to 8 hrs per day it will take you twice as long. You should also confirm with your course provide if there is are minimum hours requirement for work placement, just to make sure...

Hope this helps!


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