Interview for childcare position

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Interview for childcare position

Post by S.Galbraith » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:33 pm

Hello there

I went for an interview this morning for an Educator position. The Director says that it all went well however she has to speak to her Area Manager regarding the fact i dont have an qualifications.
Iam a resigned (2017) Teachers Aide in Special Development School working with children form 2yrs-18yrs, and have over 10years of expierence.
I have enrolled into an online course through Selmar Insitute for my Diploma in Childcare, however i dont commence this until 27th August.
I was just wondering if I would still be a desriable candiate for the position in the Area Mangers eyes?
It was a lovely, comfortable interview and the centre was very positive and warm, it would be a lovely place to work.
Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Interview for childcare position

Post by Lorina » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:42 pm

It sounds like you have the experience to back you up so as far as experience is concerned you got that covered.

The only "issue" is that you haven't worked in an early childhood setting and you don't have experience with documentation such as observations, learning stories etc. However, all these can be learnt and picked up in a matter of time and it depends on your position.

As far as your qualification is concerned, you are considered a Cert 3 Educator once you:

enrolled in the course and have started study
making satisfactory progress towards completing the course
meeting the requirements to maintain enrolment

However, ultimately it's the Directors decision and if you are the right person for the position then they will find a position for you at the centre!

Goodluck and I hope you get the job!


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