work legally and ethically

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work legally and ethically

Post by Shaylee85 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:26 pm


I'm just after some help in answering the below case study? I understand the meaning of dignity of risk but really struggling with how I would word my conversation and explanation to ghani's mother?

A 3 ½ year old boy, Ghani, who attends the service has an arm with a birth defect. His mother has asked that he doesn’t join in any games where catching is involved, as she doesn’t want him to fail and feel hurt or discouraged.
You will need to discuss the dignity of risk with the mother. Describe what you would say to assist Ghani’s mother to understand the service’s practice here.
In your response, ensure you explain why Dignity of Risk is the educational practice we follow and how this will benefit her son.

and im also struggling with this below case study as well.

You are assisting a 3-year-old boy, Barry, with toileting when you notice bruising on his thighs. When asked what happened, Barry looks at the ground. On taking a closer look, you see that bruising also appears on his back and upper torso. The bruises are of different colour, some are yellow and brown, where others are more red and purple. It seems they are similar in shape and size. What would you do and why?

any help you could give would be appriciated.


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