Quiz Assessment task 1: CHCECE011

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Quiz Assessment task 1: CHCECE011

Post by pennypebbles » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:33 pm

Hi all. I am so stuck on this one quiz question. Are you able to guide me in the right direction

Question 1

Read the scenario below. This is an example of children being engaged in Directed Play where the children are passive learners in a controlled environment. This play is deemed inappropriate within the context of children using resources and materials to express their own creativity.

Jasmine and Tom (both 4.6 years) are at a table experience with stencilled cards of an Easter rabbit, coloured glue and glitter. An Educator sits with the children and demonstrates how to complete their card. The children watched carefully and spent quite a long time concentrating and completing their work so it looked like the one the Educator did.

Two of the statements below are from the Early Years Learning Framework – p. 9. http://docs.education.gov.au/system/fil ... tralia.pdf

From the list below identify the 2 statements that best describe the play and learning in which Jasmine and Tom should be engaged.

-Jasmine and Tom should be using the resources given by the Educator as directed.
-Jasmine and Tom should be allowed to use their expression of personality and Uniqueness
-Jasmine and Tom's experience should enhance dispositions such as curiosity and creativity
-The children should be guided to work quickly to complete the task in an allocated time frame.
-Jasmine and Tom should not need to make any connections between prior learning and the task in the scenario

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