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Post by payalbalana » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:31 am

Task 1
In the following scenario, you will be presented with a selection of observations from a person going about their role in the workplace of a multi-modality health clinic. You are to read across the worker’s observations and answer the questions at the end. These will examine what the worker should have done reactively within that situation and proactive steps that the worker could take in order to improve future workplace safety.
Case Study
Wendy is an experienced worker. During one particular day, the following things happen:
a) Wendy observes a new person, Mandy, using cleaning products. Mandy is not wearing gloves even though Wendy knows that Mandy has had induction training, which includes wearing PPE whenever using cleaning solvents in the workplace.
b) Wendy sees a client walk into reception and trip on the edge of a rug that is worn and lifted up. Wendy has noticed the worn rug before.
c) Wendy sees Tracey, who is another experienced worker, standing on a chair whilst trying to open a window up high. The window is stuck, so Tracey is pulling on it quite hard.
d) Wendy has her handbag on the floor beside her desk. Tracey comes in to talk to her and as she walks around Wendy’s desk, she trips on Wendy's bag. Wendy apologises, picks it up, and puts it on the shelf.
Question 2.1
Pick one of the observations of another worker, and outline what advice Wendy should give to this co-worker. Identify the following information:
• When she should have provided advice
• Her role in providing the advice
• The manner in which the advice should be provided
• Any further steps she could have taken
• And then write out a sample dialogue of the advice provided.
(approximately 100 words).

My answer is: Wendy was supposed to provide Mandy the advice when she saw that she is working without wearing PPE. She was required to help Mandy by providing the advice or it may be harmful for her working without wearing PPE. Wendy needs to ask it in a polite manner that where is her PPE? After this Wendy needs to say that, she should wear it every time.

Question 2.2
What steps should Wendy take after observing the client tripping on the rug? What process of risk management could be taken with the rug?

Question 2.3
Based on Wendy's observations, does it sound like her workplace has adequate WHS policies, procedures, and training? Where would she go to confirm this information?

Question 2.4
What further steps should Wendy investigate for the workplace? Points to consider when writing the answer include:
• Keeping up to date with WHS issues
• Reliable sources of WHS information
• Roles and responsibilities of HSRs & HSCs
• Addressing WHS at a systemic level in a workplace
Write your thoughts.

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Post by payalbalana » Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:54 pm

HI Lorina Can you please help me this task

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