CHCECE006 - new behaviour exhibited after implementation of behavioural strategies

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CHCECE006 - new behaviour exhibited after implementation of behavioural strategies

Post by jonnomes » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:07 pm

My question is :You have been working with a young person to adjust their behaviour. The young person frequently yells at staff and throws extreme tantrums. Strategies to address this behaviour seem to be working but the young person has now developed a new behaviour; they hit others when they do not get their way. Is this an issue for concern? Explain. (100–150 words)

The difficulty i have is with the length of my answer. My explanation originally was yes this is an issue due to the risk of injury to staff and students.
I have now changed it to:

The new behaviour of this young person is an issue of concern. The reason for concern is that the new behaviour is of a violent nature and puts other students and staff at risk of injury. When the child has exhibited this behaviour, the child was removed from the company of the other children and will continue to be removed (when behaviour is inappropriate) until discussion and implementation of a new or additional strategy has been put in place.

Can anyone give me some additional search sites to add to my reasoning? as I feel it is very lacklustre.

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