Work legally and ethically certificate 3

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Work legally and ethically certificate 3

Post by Taylahann » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:49 am

Hey guys, just need to know where to find this info from,
3 ) explain, in your own words, your legal responsibilities as a worker in community services?
6) What action should you take if you recognise an actual or potential breach of legislation in your work place?
9) In the community services industry many of these ethical responsibilities will be specific and they may be more precise that those applicable to other industries, explain what it means to say that you have ethical responsibilities?
13)How will you identify and access information about the scope of your ethical responsibilities in your work place?
15)List 6 situations that might constititute an ethical dilemma, when interacting with staff members and co workers in the work place?
19) Make a list of atleast 10 situations which may be considered ethical issues within your work place?
20) Write how a worker's personal values and attitudes may impact on their work
21)Explain what a value system is and how it may impact on the work environment
24) if you witness/recognise unethical conduct in the work place, who should you report it to?
27) what is a conflict of interest, provide examples.
32) what action may be taken if a conflict of interest, or a potential conflict of interest is observed/noted.

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Re: Work legally and ethically certificate 3

Post by Lorina » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:12 am

You need to give me something to work with... go through each point one by one and try and find an answer to it...

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