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Post by vaish » Fri May 29, 2020 9:42 am

Hi Lorina,Help me with the case study below,
Wendy is an experienced worker. During one particular day, the following things happen:
a) Wendy observes a new person, Mandy, using cleaning products. Mandy is not wearing gloves even though Wendy knows that Mandy has had induction training, which includes wearing PPE whenever using cleaning solvents in the workplace.

outline what advice Wendy should give to this co-worker. Identify the following information:
• When she should have provided advice
• Her role in providing the advice
• The manner in which the advice should be provided
• Any further steps she could have taken
• And then write out a sample dialogue of the advice provided

my answer is:
She should have provided the advice before starting the cleaning process.
· Wendy's role here is a leader
· The advice should be provided in the verbal and polite manner.
· Yes.
· The advice should be provided from Wendy's end in an orderly manner.

In scenario A., Wendy should have immediately approached Mandy and reminded her that she had to wear PPE in the workplace and remind her that this was covered in her induction training.
Wendy as an experienced person knows how to keep the environment safe and free from all kind of contaminations & dangers. She must ensure the safety of herself and others as she would have also received during her induction training and as covered by safe work Australia
Due to the nature of the observation, Wendy needs to go and speak to her face to face immediately. The advice should be provided in the verbal, polite and supporting manner so that information can flow in more clear way which will help Mandy to understand things clearer. Also, it is the most efficient way to provide advice.
Wendy should have taken further steps by asking Wendy if she had any questions, need any refreshers and by asking her employer to perhaps put up a safety sign stating PPE to be worn all the time while working. And yes, Wendy needs to supervise that Mandy wear the PPE kit properly and in future, she also follows the instructions properly

Example of sample dialogue between Mandy and Wendy:

Wendy: Hi Mandy good to see you at work on time. How r u?
Mandy: Am good thanks, How r u?
W: Good thanks, I was just wondering if I could have a chat with you in a meeting room before you could continue with your work.
M: Sure, will be there in a min.
W: ok, Firstly I have been receiving feedback from our co-workers and others that your performing very well, keep up the good work. Secondly, I have some gloves here for you. During the induction it should have mentioned that gloves & PPE are needed when handling solvents. So please make sure you wear the PPE before stating any work at the workplace so you don’t get hurt at all. I can show you where we keep the gloves and safety manuals when you are all done.
M: That’s so kind of you. 😊 Thanks.

What more should i concentrate on answering to?
Is my answer ok?

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Post by Lorina » Sat May 30, 2020 2:45 pm


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