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Forum Rules for Assignment Questions

Post by admin » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:23 am

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This document is designed to clarify various responsibilities of students seeking support for assignments in our "Students forums" here at Please read it and become familiar with it as its terms are retroactive and agreed upon by team and group members.

Rules and Guidelines for Early Childhood Studies Support Forums:

The Early Childhood Studies forums are to support students who are doing their childcare studies. When using these forums you must comply to the following rules:
  1. All new topics created for requesting help with assignment questions should only be posted in one of the following support forums for students:
  2. When posting a new topic asking for help with an assignment question, the topic name (Subject heading) must have the following format –


    A good example will be: “CHCFC301A - Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour”

    A bad example: “Please help with my assignment” (or) “HELP! My assignment is due”.
  3. When posting your topic, rather than simply typing the question and expecting it to be answered, please provide your answer or your understanding for that question so other members can help you with anything you may have missed or misunderstood. You must understand that our members are there to help you with your study and NOT for providing you with answers.
  4. Please start a New Topic for different Assignment questions. Do not continue posting new assignment questions under different topic.
  5. You should only seek assistance in the forum for questions you are genuinely having trouble understanding or finding information. Please do not misuse or take advantage of the forum by asking assignment questions that can be easily answered. You must remember that the members answering your questions would need to spend their spare time trying to find information to help you, so we urge you to give consideration to this. Remember that you need to put in your own effort and research in completing all assignments. Members we feel are not complying with this rule may be warned or have their post removed.
  6. All students must remember that when creating new topics, you must return to it and include your reasoning. Your own contribution is mandatory to all topics you have created requesting for support and your contribution should contain at least some reasoning. Support will not provided to users to simply create new topics with assignment questions and do not update their threads even after receiving support from other members.
  7. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this forum are the thoughts and the opinions of the participants. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any information or facts appearing on the forum. The forum is a means of resources for you but it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you gather the right information for your assignment. does not take responsibility for your grades or marks you may receive.
  8. Do not push or hurry other members to quickly reply to your assignment post because of its deadline. You must give sufficient time when seeking for help with assignment questions and not wait until the last minute. So, the terms of use as stated in rule A-13 above will apply.
  9. After receiving a response for your questions please remember to update the topic with your response along with the findings you came up with during your research for that assignment. A “Thank You” is always good to hear but sharing your experience and knowledge you have gained is more valuable.
  10. Please use this forum feature to develop your community with other students and also help out other fellow members having troubles with assignments that you may have already completed. Do not solely depend on our support team.
  11. We DO NOT encourage exchanging assignments and answers. However, you may provide information to support the research required in completing the assignments but not the answer itself!
  12. In Addition to these rules, the Forum Rules & Regulations will apply to all Forums on

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