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Create a diversity policy

Post by Sandz94 » Fri May 22, 2020 11:01 am

Hi Lorrina I am new to this forum so am not sure fully how it works yet. I have worked on the following diversity policy project and am firstly wandering if I am on the right track. I only have 1,400 words roughly and am need of more content if you could please point me in the right direction. Thank you

Create a formal diversity policy that could be used by an educational institution.

Your policy must include the following sections:

a definition of diversity
a rationale (ie why the policy is necessary)
principles and values (ie the principles and values the policy is based on)
objectives and goals (ie the objectives and goals of the policy)
benefits (ie what benefits the organisation will experience as a result of the policy)
strategies (ie what the organisation will actually do to deal effectively with diversity)
legislation (ie what legislation is relevant to the policy and a summary of the legislative requirements)
monitoring (ie how the policy will be monitored and how success will be measured)
(2,500–3,000 words)

Hopetoun Primary School is committed to providing a high quality, supportive and inclusive learning environment that empowers the diverse range of students in our school community.
Hopetoun Primary School's Diversity Policy demonstrates our commitment to building an inclusive school community that reflects the diversity of the Hopetoun community. We value the strength that diversity brings to our school and our community and therefore seek to keep our school as diverse as possible.

This policy details the necessary actions Hopetoun Primary School will take to achieve our shared vision of a more diverse and inclusive school environment.

The Diversity Policy will be reviewed every quarter to detect if there are any changes that could be made to the Policy. Hopetoun Primary School encourages every member of the community to actively engage in the implementation of the policy at this time to create an environment of respect and inclusion for all our students, staff members and other stakeholders.

The aim of this Diversity Policy is to create a workplace environment which encourages and supports equity and fairness, and eliminates all forms of discrimination.

Definition of Diversity

Diversity is understanding that each individual has differences that relate to their social and cultural perspectives, accepting these differences and respecting them. Diversity can be differences in culture, traditions, religious beliefs, age, disability and gender. It means to include everyone no matter of their differences. Respecting diversity in the workplace means to have respect for other peoples differences within the workplace weather it is other staff, students, young people or their parents/ carers. It is the key to delivering quality, effective and appropriate service to clients.


Hopetoun Primary School is culturally and linguistically diverse. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and the school aims to maintain a culture which insures that cultural diversity is recognised, celebrated and valued. Hopetoun Primary School strives to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive school environment for all students and members of our school.

The purpose of this policy is to explain Hopetoun Primary School's commitment to making sure every member of our school community regardless of their background or personal attributes, is treated with respect, dignity and inclusion.

Principles and Values

Hopetoun Primary School will maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring that respect for diversity, due process, natural justice and duty of care towards all members of the school community are held in highest esteem.
This policy supports respect and acknowledgement of individuals, their needs, diverse approaches and identities. Inclusion will be gained by ensuring that disadvantaged stakeholders needs are heard and addressed where possible and appropriate.
This policy will encourage collaboration and sharing of perspectives, knowledge, skills and ideas in the interests of innovational learning for all.
Accurate and appropriate advice, information, recommendations and encouragement will be given to staff and students to allow them to excel in education and employment. This policy will support Hopetoun Primary school as being a leader in inclusive education and employment.

Leaders are to value and promote respect for diversity
Improving the capability of the workplace
Respect and courtesy in the workplace are to be respected.
Actively seek out and encourage diverse populations to become productive members of the staff and student body.
Create and maintain a work, learning and social environment that recognises and is supportive of a diversity of differences and beliefs.
Support events and activities of the school that reflect diversity and cultural awareness.
We are committed to an environment where all staff and students are valued for their contributions.
We are committed to providing an environment that is culturally safe where all staff and students feel emotionally, spiritually and socially safe.

At Hopetoun Primary School we hold these values – honesty, integrity, trust and trustworthiness, respect and self-respect, fairness, resilience, achievement, integrity, responsibility, excellence and quality in all endeavours and creativity.

Objectives and goals

To enable staff and students to feel comfortable with similarities and differences in others.
Acceptance of individuals as members of families within a wider cultural network.
A capacity to offer comfort and empathy to others in their interactions with a diverse range of people.
To foster in each student, staff member and family members a confidence and awareness of self-identity so they feel good about who they are.
To provide opportunities for students to explore diverse cultural aspects such as food, religious celebrations and language.
To encourage positive interactions between students, families, staff members and the community so that barriers can be recognised and dealt with in an appropriate manner.
To help students, staff members and families to learn that racism, prejudice and discrimination act as barriers within the community.
To recruit from a diverse, qualified group of candidates to increase diversity of thinking and perspective.


Students become productive community members in our diverse society.
It improves learning and preparation for employment.
It ensures quality educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.
It allows students and staff members to embrace difference and realise that it is a good thing and not to be something to be scared of.
Allows for less barriers in communication which in turn reduces or minimises misunderstandings.
Individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a variety of different talents, skills, experiences and ideas that can benefit the school.
Students feel safer, less bullied and less lonely in a school that accepts and respects diversity.
Work places that value and respect diversity are more productive and fulfilling for staff members which in turn decreases staff turn around. This in turn reduces cost for the company in training and staff recruitment.
A diverse workforce with a range of different backgrounds and perspectives leads to a larger range of ideas and insights to help assist in better decision making and policy development.
It teaches students and staff members to be empathetic towards the experiences of others.


In order to develop, maintain and deal effectively with diversity our school will -

Value and build on student's previous knowledge and experiences
Use teaching strategies that cater for individual learning styles and differences
Give staff members the opportunity to participate in training related to cultural diversity and discrimination
Encourage staff members to model culturally inclusive behaviours.
Promote respect for all cultures
Design strategies to deal with any behaviour which exhibits prejudice and racism.
Design and make use of strategies for communicating with and involving parents/carers, taking into account their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
Celebrate cultural diversity by celebrating religious events, participating in multicultural activities and inviting guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds.
Provide students from no-English speaking backgrounds with access to English as a Second Language programs (ESL)
Where appropriate use interpreters to help communication between students, parents/carers and staff members.
To enhance student knowledge of cultural diversity and understanding through lessons and activities.


Legislation that is relevant to the Plan

Age Discrimination Act 2004
Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
Disability Discrimination Act 19992
Equal Opportunity Act 1987
Fair Work Act 2009
Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991
Public Service Act 1999
Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
Sex Discrimination Act 1984


All policies and practices are to be reviewed quarterly and updated if necessary.
Reports of the diversity policy outcomes will be included in the schools quarterly report
Employee surveys are to be conducted quarterly to indicate if staff members are modelling and promoting the principles of diversity in the workplace.
All teaching staff participate in inclusive leadership training.
All employees participate in cultural diversity training programs.
Increase in the representation of diverse employees.
Increased number of indigenous employees, and employees with disability.
Decrease in number of harassment incidents reported.
Decrease in number of discrimination incidents reported.
Increased number of staff from under-represented groups.
Increased number in staff available to handle bullying and harassment complaints.
Increased participation in diversity activities and opportunities.
Increased representation of marginalised students in leadership roles.
At least 50% of female staff in higher positions.

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Re: Create a diversity policy

Post by Lorina » Thu May 28, 2020 10:13 pm

Yes, you're on the right track with your response. Your response is extremely detailed and well written! Awesome Job!


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