CHCPRT001 - Case study Help Please

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CHCPRT001 - Case study Help Please

Post by Lyysh » Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:35 pm

Hi Lorina,

Can you please help with the below - I'm stuck.

Case Study -

A new family, the Smiths, started at BB’s Early Childhood Education and Care service a month ago, they have a three (3) year old son Johnny (date of birth 8.4.2013). Johnny is in full time care in your group (Bumble Bees). Johnny is a very quiet child, small for his age and quite thin.
At your service the parents provide all of the children’s food. The food that Johnny’s mother sends is not sufficient for a whole day, for example yesterday all he had in his lunchbox was a packet of Maggi Noodles. You often have to make an ‘emergency sandwich’ for him. You also have to keep an eye on him at mealtimes as Johnny watches what the other children are eating and will try to grab food from their lunchboxes.
It’s difficult to have a proper conversation with Johnny’s mother (Delia) as the service bus transports him to and from the centre. The Nominated Supervisor (Director Renee Kaur) has phoned his mother about the food she provides but his mother says Johnny is a ‘fussy’ eater and he doesn’t like lots of things. The Nominated Supervisor said that his mother seemed unconcerned that Johnny might be hungry.
Johnny’s body and clothing is dirty and he always smells of urine. You and the other staff have started to give Johnny a shower each day and you put clothes on him from the spare clothes box. For the last few days he has arrived still wearing the same spare clothes, unwashed from the previous day. You’ve also noticed that Johnny constantly seems tired.
Today 24.5.16, when Johnny arrived at 8.00am, he immediately came up to you and said he was hungry. You looked in his lunchbox and it was empty so you made him a sandwich. As he was eating he said ‘We got no food at home’.

What makes you think that Johnny is at risk of harm? List at least three (3) indicators that he is at risk of harm.
1. Johnny’s body and clothing is dirty
2. Johnny smells of urine
3. Johnny constantly seems tired

Now that you have made a professional record, look at the next steps in the procedure. When will you respond to (do something about) this situation?
I would report this without any delay

Look at the next steps in the procedure: What are you going to do now?

Where should records of abuse be stored within the service?

Explain why it is important to follow the service policies and procedures when abuse is suspected.

Any guidance would be amazing.


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Re: CHCPRT001 - Case study Help Please

Post by Lorina » Fri Jun 24, 2022 2:13 pm

Check this link out, it will help you to understand the reporting procedure:

Reporting Child At Risk


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