chcleg001- Work legally and ethically

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chcleg001- Work legally and ethically

Post by Nessmcd12 » Thu May 26, 2022 10:55 am

i have been stuck on this assessment for months and need help with some of the questions.

Q2. You are the lead educator in the toddler room and Brayden is a two year old boy in your care. He is usually collected by Aunty Karen who stays and plays for a while when she picks him up of an afternoon. You haven’t seen Karen for a few days and then one morning she comes to visit Brayden and asks to play with him in your room for a while.

That afternoon, Brayden’s mother comes to pick him up and you tell her that Karen was there this morning. She tells you she does not want Karen seeing Brayden anymore as they are no longer talking. You have observed that Karen and Brayden have a very close loving relationship.

a) Identify the ethical and/or legal issues (where applicable) in this scenario.

b) What are your responsibilities regarding this situation according to legislation, workplace policies and protocols?

c) Consider your own personal values and attitudes and explain how you will ensure your practices are non-judgemental.

d) How will you ensure your actions are within the boundaries of your work role (both responsibilities and limitations)?

e) What are the service’s legal requirements with regards to the child?

f) List service records and legislative documents that would guide your actions.

g) Read the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In your own words, briefly describe the children’s rights in regards to this scenario.

h) Who would you discuss each situation with and why?

i) What steps would you take to ensure confidentiality and boundaries are maintained between you, your colleagues and clients, including management of service documents?

j) Identify any legal requirements (if any) for mandatory reporting?

k) What are the parent/carer rights and/or responsibilities in this scenario?

Q4. Explain the role of each of the following and their relationship to each other:

a) National Law

b) National Regulations

c) National Quality Standard

Q5. Explain the following terms and how these may be applied to your work role (approximately 150 words for each):

a) The relationship between human needs and human rights.

b) The relationship between Dignity of Risk and Duty of Care

c) Code of Conduct

d) Code of Practice

e) Discrimination

f) Informed consent

Q6.Describe the client complaints handling procedure for your service (you may include a diagram or write an explanation).

Q7.Identify three (3) legal and/or ethical responsibilities that relate to your job role and provide one (1) example for each that demonstrates how you have met these responsibilities within the boundaries of your job role.

Q10.Describe two (2) times that you have identified and communicated to others potential work practice improvements that have enhanced your procedures in relation to legal and ethical requirements.

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Re: chcleg001- Work legally and ethically

Post by Lorina » Sat May 28, 2022 9:16 pm

Ok, so you need to provide some of your responses so I can see your understanding.

Just write what you think of each question and I'll check it for you.


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Re: chcleg001- Work legally and ethically

Post by Jay2522 » Sun Jun 19, 2022 6:11 pm

Hi there
Give two reasons why the policy needs to be reviewed regularly?

1. The regularly reviewing of policies which more consistent and effective, and they help protect everyone not risk or harm.

This is my teacher comment. Please complete – can you clarify your answer here? Why does the policy need to be reviewed? I believe you are focusing on staff reading and understanding the policy not the review process.

2. Reviewed to meet any updated policy from emergency services. yes

Please can you help with the answer 1 I did try a lot but still not correct.

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