CHCECE007 - help thanks

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CHCECE007 - help thanks

Post by catnap » Tue May 16, 2017 2:20 pm

Hi Lorina,
I am working on CHCECE0007 and looking at a couple of questions that I need assistance with thanks....
Q 1: What would you take into consideration when planning and developing routines that help children grow and learn?

Q 2: Why is it necessary that children in care be given opportunities for both individual and group play?

any links would be a great help, but I was thinking.... for question one..... plans should be age appropriate and enjoyable for children.
Q 2: Children should be given opportunities for individual and group play as some children are quiet and shy and some are more outgoing.
and children should be given the choice of whether they wish to play alone or in a group situation.
Thanks! :D