TCH20003 Curriculum studies in early childhood critical review

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TCH20003 Curriculum studies in early childhood critical review

Post by Huang » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:34 pm


I have a critical review and one of the questions is "How do children learn the curriculum by playing in early childhood? Discuss, justify and provide the example."

I began with to discuss and define what is the theory of play in general from some old times theories to the recent ones, and how it related to the children.

Then I moved unto how EYLF define the play-based learning and quote from some early play books.

Up until now I feel that I still answer why and what types of questions and struggled to move from why / what "play-based learning" to how play will fit in to learn the curriculum. As well as example ... am I going bit far or not on the topic?

The marking criteria is heavily on discussion and justification for how children learning through play integrates the EC curriculum.

Appreciated with some feedback or references I could go for reading, thanks.


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Re: TCH20003 Curriculum studies in early childhood critical review

Post by Lorina » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:08 pm

When discussing about "how children playing when learning the curriculum" think of what happens in an early childhood setting. When we develop a weekly program for example we add a goal -eg an eylf learning outcome - "2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect" using this as a basis, we then add a play experience for the children to achieve this goal.

The children are "playing" this experience to achieve the goal without realising it, as Educators we guide and support their understanding in order to achieve the goal through play based learning.

Every experience we set on the curriculum is purposeful, has meaning and intention it's not just added to the program because we felt like it. We add it in order for the children to achieve goals that we set out.

I hope this helps your understanding!


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