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The Rainbow Fish - Free Story On Teaching Children On How To Share

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The Rainbow Fish - Free Story On Teaching Children On How To Share

The Rainbow Fish is a free story for Educators to download and read to young children. It is a story about a beautiful, colourful shiny fish that loves his scales, that he doesn't want to share.

About The Story

In the book, The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister, a stunning, vibrant, bright fish with metallic scales lives in the sea.

When a blue fish asks to share his scales, Rainbow Fish refuses to give them up since he loves them so much. The blue fish no longer wants to be around Rainbow's Fishes because he feels so hurt by his refusal to share. As the narrative progresses, the other person avoids Rainbow Fish as well because he doesn't share with any of them. After a short while, Rainbow Fish starts to feel extremely alone when he finds that he has no one with whom to play.

A beautiful, heartwarming tale about sharing and the joy it can offer to both you and others is found in The Rainbow Fish. It also illustrates the challenges of sharing and how sharing can affect friendships. Like many young youngsters, Rainbow Fish finds sharing difficult. Children will learn that, although sharing can be challenging, doing so makes others happy, including themselves, just like the Rainbow Fish did.

Click the link to download the story for FREE: The Rainbow Fish

Extension Of Learning Experiences

  • Discuss the importance of friendship 
  • Talk about sharing, how it can be hard to share etc, sharing with friends. 
  • Discuss the artwork in the story and how it is painted using watercolours, and encourage children to experiment with ways of mixing colours using spray bottles with water-based paint. 
  • Experiment with colour mixing using eye droppers on paper towels. 
  • Make a group of rainbow fish.
  • Discuss creatures of the ocean.
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