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Love Monster is a sweet book about love, friendship, frustration, loneliness and being different. The monster lives in Cutesville and feels out of place amongst all the cute animals. Everyone loves fluffy kittens, puppies and bunnies, but not funny-looking hairy monsters, so he sets off to find someone who will love him just like him. 

Lost and Found is a free story for Educators to download and read to young children. This story is about a boy and a penguin and their growing friendship. A penguin shows up at "the boy's" front door by surprise. The boy appears sad yet the penguin follows him around still. The boy attempts to help the penguin after becoming convinced he is lost. 

Have You Filled A Bucket Today is a free story that children can download and read. This story talks to young children about being kind using a simple analogy to teach young children about kindness. Everybody has invisible buckets from birth. We experience happiness when our bucket is full and sadness when it is empty. When we contribute to others' buckets being filled, the magic begins. 

The Magic Lunchbox tells a story about when Grandma comes to visit and gives Mango and Sprint a "magic lunchbox". This story is available to download for FREE for Educators to read during group time which supports young children to understand everyday healthy food choices. 

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