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Random Acts Of Kindness For Children

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Random Acts Of Kindness For Children Image by Dan/Kelli Oakley from Pixabay

Kindness is an important tool that we should instil in all, especially children. It should be a habit. Kindness comes from the heart and promotes happiness in all.

Here is a list of acts of kindness that children can complete.

  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Do a chore for someone without them knowing.
  • Tell a joke.
  • Feed the birds.
  • Leave happy for friends and family.
  • Put a small bin in your car to collect recycling.
  • Call your grandparents and ask them about their day.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  • Compliment a friend.
  • Write a thank-you note to your parents/teacher.
  • Plant something.
  • Bake dessert for a friend.
  • Bury treasure at the playground.
  • Set the table for dinner.
  • Leave bubbles on a neighbours doorstep. 
  • Tell someone why they are special to you.
  • Donate outgrown clothes and toys.
  • Pass out stickers to kids waiting in line.
  • Talk to someone new in class.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Write chalk messages on the sidewalk.
  • Donate food to the food pantry.
  • Bring flowers to your teacher.
  • Call a friend you haven’t seen in awhile to say hello.
  • Read a book to someone.
  • Donate a book to a doctor’s office waiting room.
  • Tell someone how much you love them.
  • Say hello to everyone you see.
  • Make someone else’s bed.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Wave at kids on school buses.
  • Sing songs at a nursing home.
  • Invite someone to play on the playground.
  • Donate a toy to Toys for Tots.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Fill a kindness jar with candy for another family.
  • Make a busy bag for a family with young children.
  • Bring cookies to your friends. 
  • Help make dinner.
  • Make a get well card for someone.
  • Take care of someone’s pet while they’re away.
  • Share a special toy with a friend.
  • Clean up your room without being asked.
  • Tape a video message for faraway friends.
  • Leave kindness stones at the park.
  • Buy extra school supplies for teachers.
  • Teach someone something new.
  • Reuse paper when you are drawing.
  • Give someone a hug coupon.
  • Donate colouring books and crayons to the children’s hospital.
  • Write a poem for a friend.
  • Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts.
  • Collect books for the library.
  • Adopt an animal online.
  • Make a homemade gift for someone.
  • Clean up your toys without being asked...
  • Give high fives to a friend.
  • Make playdough for your class.
  • Send a postcard to a friend.
  • Smile at everybody. It’s contagious.
  • Say something nice to someone
  • Decorate kindness rocks
  • Share
  • Tell your siblings how special they are.
  • Say thank you to your parents. 
  • Hug your teachers. 
  • Help a friend up when they fall. 
  • Give a cuddle when someone is crying.

World Kindness Day is on November 13th. It is all about acceptance, diversity and love. This is done by taking opportunities to perform acts of kindness towards others. This is a great day for children and adults to show acts of kindness towards one another and others.

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Created On November 12, 2020
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