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Free Picture Books, Songs and Posters For Teaching Children To Be Safe Online

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Free Picture Books, Songs and Posters For Teaching Children To Be Safe Online

The e-safety Early Years Program has been designed to support and improve online safety for children.

There is a range of resources currently available to support Educators with conversations about online safety to children.

Swoosh and Glide

Swoosh and Glide are eSafety’s baby sugar glider twins who want to help children learn about online safety and develop positive attitudes and habits with digital technology as they grow.

Online Safety Picture Book and Song

Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5

  • eSafety’s online safety picture book Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 tells the adventures of a fun family sleepover for Swoosh and Glide with their sugar glider cousins. The picture book shares some of the common technology experiences of children shows what to do when something unexpected happens on a screen and highlights safe online practices.

Read, watch, listen to the story here: Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5

My Family Rules

  • The Swoosh and Glide picture book includes an original song, My Family Rules, created for eSafety by Australian children's entertainer Lah-Lah. It's a great way to reinforce the four key online safety messages for young children: Be safe, Be kind, Ask for help, and Make good choices.

Sing, listen, download and play the song here: My Family Rules

Story Puzzles

  • Playing the Swoosh and Glide Story Puzzles with young children is a fun way to start the chat about online safety. The adventures will help them develop life-long skills for using digital technologies in a safe and positive way.

Play here: Story Puzzles

Teaching Posters

Use the Swoosh and Glide Online Safety Teaching Posters to help children learn the four key Early Years messages: Be safe, Be kind, Ask for help and Make good choices.

Also includes ideas for questions to facilitate discussions and further learning experiences to extend children’s understandings can be found in the accompanying Educator Notes and within eSafety’s professional learning for early childhood educators.

To download: Teaching Posters

For more information: eSafety Education

Created On June 25, 2021 Last modified on Monday, May 30, 2022
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