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Alphabet Letter Collage Material Ideas

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Alphabet Letter Collage Material Ideas

To assist children in learning letter identification and reinforcing letter-sound relationships, alphabet letter collages helps children to learn and recognise letters in a fun way. It also provides a great sensory, tactile, and fine motor experience. The following article lists collage materials that can be used for each individual letter. 

Alphabet collage can also help children work on:

  • letter recognition
  • writing letters/ proper letter formation
  • reinforcing letter-sound associations

Materials List For Letters Collage

Here are some ideas about the Alphabet Collage of each letter:


  • apple stickers
  • animal sticker
  • ant stickers
  • avocado coloured painting
  • plastic ant pasting


  • balloon painting
  • pasting stickers of butterflies, bees, or bug
  • pasting of dried beans.
  • pasting of buttons or beads
  • blue colour finger painting.


  • pasting car stickers
  • pasting scarps of crayons
  • pasting small cars
  • pasting of candies
  • imprinted coins


  • making dots with the crayons
  • pasting dinosaur sticker
  • imprinting dice
  • paste dog stickers
  • create doughnut holes with crayons on the letter


  • smashed eggshells and paste the same on the letter
  • paste googly eyes
  • paste Elmo stickers
  • paste the easter eggs stickers
  • eraser printing


  • feathers pasting
  • dried or silk flowers pasting
  • fingerprints
  • fish stickers pasting
  • flag stickers pasting


  • pasting green glitter paper strips.
  • use green colour for thumbprint
  • can paste grasses
  • stickers of grapes can be pasted
  • small plastic grapes pasting


  • smiley face sticker (happy)
  • pasting of horse stickers
  • making holes with a punching machine
  • doll’s hair pasting
  • heart stamps


  • insect stickers
  • ice-cream stickers
  • pasting plastic ice cubes
  • pasting broken ice cream cones
  • cotton dabbing printing with ink.


  • pasting small jingle bells
  • pasting old denim jeans scrab
  • pasting pieces of jump ropes
  • pasting of junk food wrappers
  • jewellery pasting


  • making prints with keys
  • pasting stickers of kangaroos
  • pasting kite pictures
  • pasting kitten pictures
  • making a print with lips (kissing)


  • pasting small pieces of Legos
  • pasting leaves (real/plastic)
  • lemon print
  • pasting lentils
  • pasting ladybug stickers


  • paste dried macaroni
  • paste plastic mice
  • marshmallows pasting
  • marble painting
  • mud painting


  • strips of newspaper pasting
  • Noodles pasting
  • nest materials pasting
  • number stickers pasting
  • nose pictures pasting


  • orange paper tearing and pasting
  • small Oreo pasting
  • orange colour earbud painting
  • ocean animal sticker painting
  • print impression with a slice of Okra


  • Simple painting with colour of preferences
  • Pompom pasting
  • Popcorn pasting
  • Pasting pieces of puzzles
  • Paste photos of pets


  • squares of patterned fabric to look like a quilt
  • Q-tips
  • quarters
  • question mark stamps
  • Picture of queen pasting


  • red paper or collage elements pasting
  • rainbow stickers pasting
  • rose petals pasting
  • rough textures (sandpaper) pasting
  • Rice pasting


  • snowflake stickers pasting
  • white glitter (snow) pasting
  • smiley face stickers
  • spaghetti noodles pasting
  • sand pasting


  • toilet paper pasting
  • strips of tape pasting
  • triangles making
  • train stickers/stamps
  • toothpicks, tissue paper pasting


  • letter u stamps/stickers
  • drink umbrellas,
  • arrow stickers or stamps (up)
  • picture of unicorn pasting
  • picture of uniforms pasting


  • violet paper or collage elements
  • artificial violet flowers
  • vegetable stickers
  • vegetable pictures from a seed catalogue
  • print with vegetables


  • watermelon stickers
  • wheel prints
  • plastic worms pasting
  • Strips of washi tape pasting
  • Watercolour paint


  • letter X stamp
  • x-ray strips
  • number six stamps
  • make a small x-mark with dots
  • Picture of xylophone pasting


  • Yarn pasting
  • yellow paper tearing and pasting
  • Yellow painting
  • Pasting of Yak pictures
  • Picture of Yacht pasting


  • zig zags (cut small strips of zigzag paper using pinking scissors)
  • zoo animals, zippers
  • attach a zipper to a block to make a zipper print or stamp
  • small zoo animals or zoo animal stickers
  • zebra stamps or stickers

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Alphabet Collage Activities, Early Learning Ideas

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