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Writing Prompts For Evaluations, Reflections and Children Documentation

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Writing Prompts For Evaluations, Reflections and Children Documentation

As an Educator, it's important to assess and document children's learning. This refers to gathering and analysing information about what children know, can do and understand. It is part of a cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning.

Once you have gathered the information, it needs to be interpreted to make informed decisions to prepare the environments and experiences for the children to engage in.

When completing documentation it's sometimes hard to think of the right words to use. The following will give you examples of writing prompts you can use to complete your written work.

These prompts can be used for all your writing needs. Such observation, learning stories. evaluations, reflections, reports and more.

Prompts to State Your Opinion

  • In my opinion
  • In my view
  • From my viewpoint
  • It seems to me that
  • From my perspective
  • It appears that
  • I realise
  • I imagine
  • According to
  • To me
  • I think
  • I believe
  • To my way of thinking
  • I suppose
  • I feel

Prompts for cause and effect

  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • As with
  • Like
  • Equally
  • In the same way

Prompts to Giving An Example

  • For example
  • Such as
  • That is
  • To illustrate
  • For instance
  • In other words
  • Like
  • Namely
  • To paraphrase

Prompts to Emphasise

  • Above all
  • In particular
  • Especially
  • Significantly
  • Indeed
  • Notably

Prompts to Compare

  • Similar to
  • In common
  • Either
  • Neither
  • Just as
  • As
  • Also
  • In the same way
  • At the same time
  • Resemble

Prompts when contrasting

  • However
  • On the contrary
  • Differ from
  • Although
  • Otherwise
  • Alternatively
  • But
  • On the other hand
  • Nevertheless
  • Though
  • Instead
  • Even though

Prompts when Generalising

  • Generally
  • Overall
  • In general
  • It seems to me that
  • All in all essentially
  • All things considered
  • Generally speaking
  • On the whole
  • I believe
  • Basically
  • As a rule
  • For the most part

Prompts when expressing certainty

  • Certainly
  • Definitely
  • No doubt
  • Of course

Prompts when Expressing Partial Agreement

  • More or less
  • Up to a point
  • In a way
  • To some extent
  • Almost
  • So to speak

Prompts to summarise

  • In short
  • On the whole
  • In other words
  • Overall
  • Generally
  • In general 
  • In brief

You can use the above in conjunction with the following:

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Using all the above will enable you to write written documentation efficiently and effectively. It is a necessity to document children's experiences as well as reflect upon the learning, which makes it visible to Educator and families and promotes shared learning.

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