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Photo Observations In Childcare

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Photo Observations In Childcare

Photo Observations are a perfect visual tool to capture a child's learning during an experience and provides an insight into the child's skills and development.

Capture The Learning

When taking a photo look for the learning that's taking place. A child who is cutting for example, take a close up of the way the child is holding the scissors in their hand, how they are holding the paper with the other. Wait for the right moment that demonstrates the child's skills.

Showing A Different Perspective

It's a good idea to change the angle when taking a photo, which shows the child's learning from a different perspective. Instead of standing over a child while taking the photo, lay the camera on the floor and look up or hold it higher above your head.

Movement and Emotions

Blurred photographs because of movement can also be used to effectively show the child in action. Such as a child dancing, balancing on one leg, jumping from a beam, these photos even though at times blurred can be used to document the child's movements.

As for photographing how a child is feeling, this is great opportunity to capture a child's look when they finally complete a challenging task they were working on, or the look on their face when they are engrossed in an experience or the smile they share when their parent comes to pick them up in the afternoon. All these captures can be used in documentation.

When documenting with photos, complete with annotation and descriptions about what was taking place when the images was taken.

Photography is an exciting medium for documenting change and progress and purposeful photos will accurately show the child's learning journey.


Created On February 7, 2021 Last modified on Thursday, May 12, 2022
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