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Whether early childhood educators are working in a school or not, a report has called for universal registration for all educators in Australia to recognise them as part of the teaching profession and to receive the same standards used for…
When Parents send their child to school or to childcare, one of their responsibilities is packing a healthy lunch. Teachers and Educators take the responsibility of making sure that all children are eating healthy.
A child from St Pauls Gateshead Primary School, Newcastle, discovered a needle inside a banana which was packed for their lunch. the contaminated banana was discovered before the child bit into it.
With the support of key Wurundjeri Elders, the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) collaborated with New Zealand digital production and Thornbury Primary School students to create digital stories.
The Nip Allergies In The Bub is a website which provides practical information to Parents and Professionals about when and how to introduce the common allergy-causing foods as well as how to optimise eczema management for allergy prevention.
Principal, Kristine Sleeth Lemon of Burrowes State School, QLD, has introduced fees for Parents to pay if they drop off their school children before 8:30 am.
Rosa Riak formed a company called The Deng group and employed dozens of people who pretended to care for children in their own homes, in Melbourne's west. At least $955,438, was paid out in fake claims and the company received…
A new report by the Centre of Independent Studies found that some parents face wait lists for up to 2 years for a spot in the babies room - for children under 2.
Four hundred scholarships will be available¬†for students starting studies in 2019 in Victoria. The Early Childhood Scholarship Program will offer up to $26,250 towards costs of course fees, study materials and related expenses for the bachelor qualification and up…
Over 160 family daycare providers have been forced to shut down throughout Australia after operators were allegedly found falsely claiming subsidies.
Spatial skills refer to the ability to see a two or three-dimensional objects or think in a way that relates to space and the position, area and size within it.
An early childhood service has opened up in Randwick NSW which includes elaborate features such as an indoor beach, rock climbing wall, mud pit, fish pond, pet-friendly animals, soccer field and an open-air kitchen.
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