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Display Of Quality Ratings For Your Service

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Display Of Quality Ratings For Your Service

For services that have received a rating certificate by ACECQA on or after 30th July 2021, this must be displayed and clearly visible at the service premises.

Under section 172(d) of the National Law, the approved provider must ensure the prescribed information about the rating of the service is clearly visible at the service premises. This includes, under regulation 173(1)(d) of the National Regulations, the service’s current ratings against each quality area and the overall rating.  
An amendment to the National Regulations has clarified that an approved provider must display the rating certificate issued by or on behalf of the Regulatory Authority or ACECQA (if ACECQA has given the service the highest rating level), if the approved provider was issued a certificate on or after 30 July 2021. These requirements are set out under new regulations 173(3) and 412 of the National Regulations.   
Approved providers can directly access and re-issue a copy of their service’s quality rating certificate through the service details page within NQA ITS. This is available for all services with a current quality rating. 
Guide To The NQS, ACECQA
Last modified on Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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