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The Telethon Kids Institute has created the Play Active Program which contains a physical activity policy to assist services in putting their policy into practice.

There is enough evidence in the history of the world to show the steep cost that societies pay when racism in its processes and institutions is not addressed and combated. In Australia, all early childhood learning frameworks mandate that all children should feel safe, secure and supported in their learning environment. Additionally, learning frameworks are underlined by the principle of respect for diversity in all forms. The following article provides strategies to ensure zero tolerance for racism in early childhood settings.

Policy and Procedures are an integral part of the documentation that is required to meet legislative requirements. They prevent uncertainty about how particular situations are handled and support Educators to understand their roles and responsibilities. The following article provides information on What Should Policies Include, Testing Your Policy (Case Scenario), Successful Policies, Policy Pitfalls, Policies In The National Regulations and more.

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