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Precautionary Measures For Educators After Work To Minimise Spread Of Infection

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Precautionary Measures For Educators After Work To Minimise Spread Of Infection The Mix UK

For Educators continuing to work, it's important that you look after your health and wellbeing along with those living with you. The following outlines the precautionary measures you should take when finishing work in order to ensure you don't spread any infections from work to home.

Before Leaving Work - Take a spare set of clothes and change when finishing work.

Arriving Home - Wipe steering wheels, controls and door handles

At The Front Door - Pause, breathe, reset.

Knock On The Door - Open from inside - go inside.

Shout Hello - to loved ones, no cuddles maintain distance and no contact

Plastic Box At The Door - Add your work shoes, outer clothes, bag keys, glasses etc. Wipe all down with a soapy cloth - put clothes into the machine.

Phone - Keep your phone in a zip lock bag. Remove from bag wipe phone clean and throw away the ziplock bag.

Work Bag - Keep in a locker at work, and put into the box by the door. Wash along with clothes.

Walk Straight To Sink/Shower - Do not touch the door or anything as yet, get someone to open doors for you. Wash/shower - hands, arms and face with soap and hot water.

You Are Clean - Relax and Enjoy Your Evening!

The above are the precautionary measures that should be taken by Educators that are continuing to work at this time. it's important to try and minimise any contact you receive from work to your home. Your home should be kept away from outside germs as much as possible.

Important Health And Safety Advice For Essnetiona Workers On Arriving Home, Joe Carolan, Facebook

Created On April 1, 2020 Last modified on Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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