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Through engaging with translations of a song into a number of different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, children will develop a shared appreciation of, and pride in, the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

Here are 4 fun and simple games that can be played indoors using balloons. 

Body Talk

Encourages children to explore creative expression though talking with their bodies.

Encourages children to develop flexibility and strength.

Tunnel Swim

Encourages children in sensorial exploration, freedom of movement and artistic expression through animal movements.


Encourage children to learn to use their diaphragms and abdominal muscles to control exhalation.

Support children to learn each other's name with this new version of Who Stole The Cookie.

Introduce different genres of music to baby with this simple activity.

Children will enjoy unwrapping the parcel to see what's inside.

Let baby explore the kitchen cupboard to create music. 

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