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Among the key principles of the NQF is the valuing of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Recognising and including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures forms the bedrock of not only reconciliation but of the broader process to foster respect for diversity and cultural competence. Here are some practical steps that educators can take to bring about deeper reconciliation and inclusion in service goals and practices.

The Bush Tucker Posters detail information on the nutrition bush tucker foods provides to the Aboriginal people. These posters can be used as a display and to start conversations with children on bush tucker.

Aboriginal Symbols are symbolic language that Indigenous Australians use to tell stories of the Dreamtime and are used in contemporary art. Using these aboriginal symbol flashcards, children can be introduced to Indigenous Culture. These flashcards can be used in numerous ways to extend upon children knowledge.

This is a simple and fun activity for children to track Australian animals.

Children will learn to "track" the footprints of different Australian animals.

This simple activity enables children to use coloured rocks to create the ATSI flags.

A yarning circle is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart, for sitting together to talk and listen and share ideas and stories.

Raising awareness about Aboriginal culture is an important aspect of children’s learning and growing a bush tucker garden, children will show a growing appreciation for native edible Australian plants.

An Acknowledgment of the Country is a way of showing respect for the Traditional Owners and can be given by both non-Indigenous people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are connected to another place. Incorporating a daily Acknowledgement of the Country is important because it encourages children to engage with diversity and respect. The following article provides information on What To Include In An Acknowledgement Of the Country, Children's Acknowledgement of the Country, Examples and more. 
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