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The Pre Writing Strokes Worksheets enable children to trace over different lines which will enable them to develop writing skills.
The Mother's Day Colouring Pages are funny and cute colouring pages for children to colour, paint, and collage for Mother's Day.
The First Sounds Match Up is a great phonics activity for children to sound out the letter and match the picture to the correct letter sound.
The Feed The Monster Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise letters and match each letter to the correct monster.
The Shapes Sorting Mats enable children to sort everyday objects onto the correct shaped mats.
Space Tracing Lines aims to help children in the development of pre-writing skills.
The Blank Letters Beginning Sounds Worksheets enable children to circle the correct letter sounds for each picture out of the 3 letter options and then write the beginning sound in the blank space
The Bunny Picture Letter Match enables children to match the correct letter with the correct picture. Children look at the picture on the left side and choose the correct letter that corresponds with that letter.
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