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Aboriginal Symbols are symbolic language that Indigenous Australians use to tell stories of the Dreamtime and are used in contemporary art.
These flashcards have Hello in different languages from around the world. Children can learn to say Hello from different parts of the world.
Celebrate International Friendship Day on 30 July with 8 FREE Friendship Bracelets that children can cut, colour, and create for themselves or to share with a special friend.
Children can learn the different flags for each country of the world by colouring a country flag.
Here are 6 FREE EYLF Learning Outcomes Posters that can be used to display within the service or used as a reference for documentation and planning.
Encourage children to learn the names of 8 Australian Animals with these Tracing Words - Australian Animals¬†worksheets. Children will enjoy identifying and learning the names of the animal in the picture and tracing over each letter to write its name. A great school readiness activity for preschoolers to practice their writing skills and to learn new vocabulary! Click here…
Here are 8 "Cut and Paste Pictures - Love"¬†worksheets which a child can use to practice their cutting skills. These can be used to show love to a child's loved one by completing the cut and paste worksheets. Create a love picture by encouraging the child to cut the images on page 1, and pasting them on the background…
We have made a change to our Printables¬†available on our website. You no longer need to be logged in to download our Printables and Worksheets as previously required. All Printables are open to the public so anyone can visit our website and download the worksheets you require without needing to register an account first. This will save you time…
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