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One Week Since Appsessment Was Released

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One Week Since Appsessment Was Released

On Saturday, 11 March we released Appsessment!

It's been a week now since we released "Appsessment" - our Documentation App for Educators and Parents. We have had a very positive experience from our early childhood community since the release of our digital documentation app and I very much thank you for your support! 

We, at Aussie Childcare Network, have already started working on version 1.1 for our Appsessment App where we will be adding, even more, features and enhancements. This shows the active development we are doing with Appsessment and we will be rolling out more features based on the feedbacks and requests we receive from our users. We really appreciate your ideas, we listen to you and your feedback. So keep it coming! 

Let me assure you that Appsessment has many more features to go (we have a lot more ideas to include) to make it the best documentation App available for educators. We want our App to be a perfect balance between necessity and efficiency instead of creating a big bloatware with unnecessary tools and complication. Hence we wanted to test the water first, rather than put so many features all at once. We will continually update our features based on what you want Appsessment to have and what we feel will work best for you. Remember, Appsessment will continually be in active development and we will be rolling out more and more features based on your requests. 

Over the next week around March 25-26, we will be releasing Version 1.1 of Appsessment which will include the following new features: 

  • Ability to Duplicate Documentation to copy a record and make changes as needed to save time.
  • 8 brand new Default templates that takes the total default templates count to 12!
  • PDF Export to print documentation without background colours for Learning Outcomes to save on ink.
  • Feature for Parents to email Centre directly from the Centres page.
  • Centres page to list Educators along with Centre details to Parents.
  • A lot more enhancements and fixes.
  • Our work for Version 1.1 has already started, almost completed and we are set to release these updates the coming weekend. 

If you have any specific features or would like to share your experience with Appsessment, please write to us! We would love to hear from you!  We want to make it the perfect app for you so let us know what you think!

Also, if you have any questions or would like us to delve into more details to take you through step-by-step in setting up your centre's app, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on:

If you haven't checkout out Appsessment yet, try it out now. You can cancel within 14 days and receive full money back guarantee. You have to trial it to understand the amazing features of Appsessment!

Go to: Appsessment

Last modified on Saturday, June 10, 2017
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