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Appsessment - Documentation App Available Now!

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Appsessment - Documentation App Available Now!

Finally, it's here! We are very happy to announce that our brand new App for educators "Appsessment" is out now!! 

For all educators looking for a professional and efficient digital documentation tool, come and have a look at Appsessment! You will definitely be surprised! 

An overview:

Appsessment is a solution to handle all day to day paperwork on documenting children digitally. This means you don't need to use MS Word, PDF, Papers or different apps for each type of observations, learning stories, programming, etc. Our App is developed to replace all that and allows you the freedom to document children's learning in your own way.

  • Appsessment can be used from any device (laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles etc). 
  • When you sign up as the owner you are in charge of the App and it's personalised to your centre. 
  • You can invite other educators to join (grant them permissions based on their job role).
  • Using Appsessment you and your educators create documentation for children, which includes links to the NQS and the Approved Frameworks.
  • Interlink documentation to room children which saves you from doubling up on the writing, add category tags and interlink documentation within each other.
  • Pre-designed templates for Observation, Learning Story, Daily Diary and Curriculum Plan. 
  • It's fully customisable where you can even create your own template. 
  • You are not limited to documentation, you can also create forms such as Behaviour Management Plans, Child Reports, Photo Observations, Work Samples etc. The scope is limitless.
  • Each of your documentation needs can be created and customised by you.

Included in your personalised App is a Parent Portal when you invite parents. Each parent is given their own invite code and each has their personalised portal to go to. When a parent goes to their portal they see all the documentation on their timeline related to their child. This is updated live, each time an educator creates a documentation in their centre app and parents receive an email stating that there is new documentation available to view. With the documentation they can view documentation of their child, they can like, comment, download etc. Parents also have a personalised gallery which includes photos of their child. 

That is just the gist of it. We have so many features that will really benefit educators in creating high-quality documentation for each individual child and to share with parents at the centre. 

I can't stress this enough on how Appsessment will introduce you to a whole new way of documenting, assessing and sharing child experiences. The only way to truly experience it, is to come and try it out for yourself and then you can understand the possibilities of Appsessment. 

Click here to view: Appsessment

Last modified on Saturday, March 11, 2017
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