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Appsessment version 3.8 is now available and we have updated our Private Messages with a variety of features that will enable educators to have more control when using the Private Message feature to communicate to other educators and parents in your Centre's App.

We are excited to release one of our most asked about requests. You are now able to Pin documentation in your Home page timeline.

Need to get a document or form signed by a Parent?

Version 3.5 includes new features in Templates, Documentation, Private Messages, Mobile App and Bug fixes.

With social distancing and services minimising interactions between educators and families during pick up and drop-offs, this is a great opportunity to use Appsessment Childcare App to keep families up to date and informed of the happenings at the centre.

Auto Save feature is now available in Appsessment App. This automatically saves changes you have made when completing your documentation to prevent losing your data when you forget to save it, accidentally click the back button, loss of internet connectivity or if your computer freezes or crashes. The AutoSave function will help you in recovering the lost data. This will be a very helpful feature for all educators, especially when you are juggling between documenting and managing children.

We are excited to announce we have now introduced Developmental Milestones (Birth to 5 Years) to Frameworks in Appsessment - Digitial Documentation App. The Developmental Milestones are segregated into Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Language, and are categorised into the following age ranges:

  • Birth to 4 Months
  • 4 to 8 Months
  • 8 to 12 Months
  • 1 to 2 Years
  • 2 to 3 Years and
  • 3 to 5 Years

When using the Developmental Milestones, it will support you to assess children's play and learning and enable you to reflect on how the child has achieved the Outcomes when linking the Frameworks together.

Just recently we added the Child Developmental Theorists to our collection of frameworks in Appsessment and now we have also added the Developmental Milestones as well which we feel will be very helpful for educators to easily select the ones from the list while documenting.

You can access the Developmental Milestones from the Framework tab while creating or editing a Documentation. Remember to update your Mobile App to version 3.3.0 so this feature is available.

We hope you like this new addition to the Frameworks and makes your documenting more simple and efficient.

If you are not using Appsessment for your centre, you have to trial Appsessment today. Appsessment has a lot of features that make it easier for you to manage all documentation at your centre, monitor all activities, increase parent interactivity and auto manage children profiles. Our pricing is just 75¢ per child and you can cancel anytime. Get started today.

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As of today, Appsessment is moving to a new child based pricing model for all new users as well as currently subscribed users who choose to change their subscription to the new plan.

Have you been looking around for a Childcare Documentation App that allows you to complete all documentation required within a service and interact with parents? If it's a YES! We, at Aussie Childcare Network, are proud to present you with the release of Appsessment version 3.

Appsessment - Digital Documentation App for Educators and Parents has now been updated to Version 2.10 which has a lot of new features. Appsessment is a Childcare App for all LDC, FDC and OSHC centres so you can manage your child documentation, parent updates, educator updates, daily records and checklists, all in one place.

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