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Appsessment 3.4 - Auto Save Documentation

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Appsessment 3.4 - Auto Save Documentation

Auto Save feature is now available in Appsessment App. This automatically saves changes you have made when completing your documentation to prevent losing your data when you forget to save it, accidentally click the back button, loss of internet connectivity or if your computer freezes or crashes. The AutoSave function will help you in recovering the lost data. This will be a very helpful feature for all educators, especially when you are juggling between documenting and managing children.

You should try Appsessment for managing all your documentation at your centre. Appsessment is developed by Aussie Childcare Network and it has all the useful features for educators such as easily documenting and updating parents instantly through your centre's app, share photos and videos, record daily routines such as nappy changes, bottle feeding, eating, send private messages and reminders to educators and parents, monitor all activities in your centre's app, generate children reports and do so much more. You have to try Appsessment so you can understand how useful it is for you and the families at your centre will love it too. Our pricing is extremely affordable at just 75ยข per child and you can cancel anytime.

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