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Appsessment 3.6 - Paperless Digital Signatures Now Available

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Appsessment 3.6 - Paperless Digital Signatures Now Available

Need to get a document or form signed by a Parent?

Now you can use Appsessment's new feature of digital signatures by simply signing on the signature pad using your finger for touch screens or your mouse on your computer device.

Digital Signatures is an important feature that is now available in Appsessment that enables Educators and Parents to sign forms digitally within their Centre's App.

This feature is necessary and can be included on a wide range of forms that require informed consent from Parents such as media release forms, excursions forms or for Educators to sign forms as per regulations requirements such as administering medication or for injury/illness forms.

For more information, please read the following: Appsessment Version 3.6

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