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Children, even young ones, regularly experience stress as they negotiate unfamiliar settings and people besides the turbulence of their own inner lives. The following article provides information on Using Calming Strategies for children, Teaching Self Regulation and more. 

Like other professional contexts, the early childhood setting too, comes with its own set of pressures and anxieties. Mindfulness can be an excellent way for Educators not only to find their own calm but also to teach children valuable lessons on de-stressing and self-regulation. The following article provides information on What Is Mindfulness, How It Can Help Educators, How It Can Help Children and more. 

After a child has a tantrum or a meltdown, offering fine motor tasks and reset activities enables the child to regain their self-regulation and also to return back to the group. The following article provides information on Reset Activities When To Use Rest Activities, Choosing Reset Activities and more. 

The Anger Management Posters are great to display in a calm-down area to show children how to regulate their emotions when feeling overwhelmed or angry. Children can choose a task to do from the poster and when completing the task it will help them to calm down. These posters can also be added to a display folder that children can flip through and complete when they need some time to themselves.

Water play is always engaging and soothing for kids. This particular play can be done when the spring is in the air. To start the activity, you could send the children to collect fallen flowers from the garden. Add water to a tub and put the flower petals inside. This experience appeals to all senses and will help soothe children if they tend to lose their calm, get bored, frustrated and agitated. This sensory play activity does wonders to children, right from learning about flowers to creating their own sensory water tub and then having some imaginative play. 

Most of the children lose their calm easily and at the same time if we take necessary steps to cool and soothe them, they also tend to forget the incident at once. They just need a diversion at that particular moment and we also need to ensure that we divert their minds in a fruitful and beneficial way. We need to make them do something constructive such as this calming tray, apart from giving a soothing and relaxing effect proves to be a great sensory activity too. 

Magnetic bottles are a perfect science, sensory and calm down activity. As Educators, you would also love this because on one hand it's very easy to make and on the other, it has several benefits. Children are going to love these magnetic discovery bottles as they will be surprised to see the objects inside the bottle dance to the tunes of the magnet that they will be operating from the outside. Once you make it, seal the lid and store it on your shelf for using it over a period of time.

The Mindfulness Activity Cards have simple instructions for children to follow. These mindfulness activities will help children feel calmer and happier through these simple muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, listening activities. It's a great way to get children to settle. 

The Pattern Posters can be used as a calming down technique for children when they are feeling overwhelmed. Children can trace the pattern with their finger or use stones to place along the pattern to help them focus when they are unsettled. These can also be used with playdough as well. These are a great addition to add to a Calming Corner. 

The Deep Breathing Posters provide instructions on different types of breathing exercises for children. Breathing exercises provide a number of key benefits for children including reducing stress and increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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