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The Biting Observation template supports Educators to detail biting incidents that occur within the room. It helps to keep track of the incident, what happened and strategies implemented. Having a separate observation for biting can assist Educators in finding a pattern of the biting behaviour and the best way to manage it. Click the link to download: Biting Observation 
National Science Week kicks off from 11 August - 19 August. The following are 5 simple science activities for children that can be done for each day during the week. Each experiment uses items that you should already have within your service or are easy to find.
Private Messages feature now avaiable On Appsessment! You can now send Private Messages to Educators and Parents in Appsessment! In this version release, we have introduced a Private Message feature so you can send private messages to your contacts in your Service App. You can send messages directly to your App Contacts, including Educators and Parents and Parents can also…
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During winter, there are going to be days where you can't take the children outside. So, on those days, you need to think of different ways to keep the children engaged.
The Weekly Learning Plan template enables Educators to detail the activities and experiences the children will engage in throughout the week. It follows a play based learning approach which enables the children to make sense of the world around them.The Weekly Learning Plan supports educators to deliver a weekly program that is flexible and supports children to actively engage in…
With winter underway, it's important to teach children how to minimise the spread of germs and the best way to do it through song!
The Programming Reflection Questions template enables Educators to reflect on the experiences and the overall programming by getting Educators to answer a series of questions. When answering these questions, Educators can further develop their understanding of the overall environment and to make sure they are covering all aspects of the program. This new template can be used by educators in…
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