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Best Places In Sydney For Children To Enjoy On Rainy Days

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Children Enjoy On Rainy Days

It's raining outside and the kids are bored at home! Take the whole family out to the best indoor places throughout Sydney and spend the day filled with laughter and fun. Here are a variety of fun places where you can enjoy and feel rejuvenated by visiting them when it's raining.

City of Sydney Pools

Generally, on rainy days, there is hot and humid weather around. Sticky feelings, humidity makes it a bit difficult for kids. Then at that moment what can be the best activity other than jumping into an inside pool? Kids will enjoy the cool water, movement of the body, splashing water a lot and relaxation will revive them from inside. The city of Sydney operates six world-class aquatic leisure centres, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo, Cook + Phillip Park Pool in Sydney city and the all-new Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Zetland offer indoor facilities!

Trampoline Park 

If there is too much rain and kids are not allowed to go outside to enjoy the rain then they can come, jump and enjoy in Trampoline Park. The inflatable world will attract every age of children. Besides, there are cafes to satisfy their taste buds. Here is a list of trampoline parks in Sydney.

Powerhouse Museum

This is a free entry museum, that is a family-friendly and super interactive museum. There are many things to learn about such as spaces, transport, indigenous narratives and so more!

Perfect Play Centre 

There is a lot of activity under one roof for children, that a child could spend a whole day easily by exploring them. In the addition to it, there is some snacks and beverages centre which associates them nicely. Here is a list of indoor play centres to cater to all corners of the city.

The Museum Of Contemporary Art 

If your child loves art and craft, you can take them to the museum of contemporary art to visualize different types of art. Adults also can enjoy the contemporary art museum if they love art and craft. Join a small safari of eight little ones and an MCA Artist-Educator, playing games, sharing stories, and exchanging ideas along the way.

The Australian Museum 

The museum was closing down for 15 months in 2019. But it opens, it does not disappoint us! Here are lots of real-life animal models, family-centric care areas, gift shops, different learning centres, etc. Children can spend a few good hours enjoying different animals, food, etc.

Brilliant Bowling Alley 

Children who enjoy sports, especially bowling and rolling balls, then they can enjoy a good couple of times here. Also, they have arcade games, escape rooms, ropes courses, cafes and more!

Three Indoor Attractions in One at Darling Harbour

Venturing and roaming around the city during a rainy day might be a tough task but you can enjoy three things altogether, i.e., Wildlife Sydney Zoo, marine life in Sydney Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds under one roof. Children can enjoy their furry friends, can be enchanted to know the ocean life, and also can explore the different models of famous people.

Sydney’s Coolest Arcades 

This is a place with lots of multisensory activities. The activities are associated with light sounds and feelings. Not only the child but also their parents can enjoy the place. Here is a list of cool arcades across Sydney.

Kids Friendly Cafe

When you can't feel like cooking, here are the best kid-friendly cafes in Sydney that you can visit on a rainy day.


Six Of The Bext Places To Take Kids On Rainy Days


Last modified on Sunday, May 1, 2022
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